Chantix Smoking Drug Cases

Chantix Smoking Drug Lawsuits and Chantix Smoking Drug Cases

Chantix claims begin with an individual experiencing the side effects of using prescription Chantix. Not all users of this smoking cessation drug experience side effects, but some do. Chantix Claim Lawyers offer an opportunity for those affected by negative side effects to fight back. If you are considering a Chantix legal claim, it is in your best interest to know a bit of the history of the drug.

Chantix is a prescription stop smoking aid, taken in pill form. It was released onto the market by Pfizer in 2006. It is important to understand that Chantix works differently than other well-known stop smoking aids, such as “the patch” and nicotine gum. While these products regulate the level of nicotine in the body, eventually reducing it, Chantix affects brain chemistry. The active ingredient, varenicline, reduces the stimulation of the nervous system by nicotine. In effect, it reduces the “buzz” of using nicotine. Through this same chemical mechanism, Chantix also reduces the cravings associated with nicotine use. It is so often the cravings that make quitting cigarettes so difficult for so many.

It is the ability of Chantix to impact brain chemistry that enables it to have strong side effects for some users. Mild Chantix side effects impact digestion with nausea and vomiting or sleep, with insomnia or bizarre dreams. These side effects have been named in Chantix lawsuit claims. Overall more significant Chantix legal claims have been emotional, psychological, and behavioral side effects. Such bad side effects include mood swings, anger, aggression, and hostility, confusion and paranoia, and changes in thinking and behavior including suicidal thoughts and behavior. Chantix side effects were first reported shortly after its introduction onto the market, and have continued ever since.

In 2009, FDA response both Chantix claims and reports of Chantix side effects lead to a ruling. The FDA decided to keep Chantix on the market, finding that for many people the benefits outweighed the risks. To remain on the market, however, the FDA ruled that Chantix must carry a Black Box warning, the FDA’s strongest, to inform users of the potential risk. Chantix claims have been filed both before and after this ruling.

Do not delay in filling your Chantix claim. It is in your best interest and represents positive action you can take if you have been affected or injured by Chantix side effects. Your Chantix claim is best pursued with a Chantix lawyer with the particular knowledge and experience necessary to make your claim a success. Call for a consultation soon.

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