Zicam Blamed For Loss Of Smell

The FDA has issued a warning on the popular nasal cold remedy Zicam for reports of people experiencing loss of smell after taking Zicam Nasal Spray products.

FDA Warning for these Zicam Products: Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel Zicam Cold Remedy Gel Swabs.

Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs, Kids Size Zicam is advertised by its manufacturer, Matrixx Corporation, as being a safe and effective way to limit the length of a common cold. Unlike other drugs, it enters the body intranasally, thus seeming the “perfect” solution for individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills or imbibing foul tasting medicines. Zicam, considered a homeopathic remedy, contains zinc, which has been much heralded in recent years as having health-promoting properties. Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. has had to remove several varieties of Zicam nasal cold remedies from the market because of their association with anosmia.

Attorneys are currently representing scores of people in personal injury lawsuits who lost their ability to smell, and in some cases taste, after using a Zicam nasal gel or swab to treat or prevent a cold. Ansomia is not a trivial matter – in fact, it can be quite devastating. Smell and taste alert people to fires, poisonous fumes, leaking gas, and spoiled food. The inability to detect such dangers can be life threatening. People who cannot enjoy their food after losing the sense of taste often do not take in adequate nutrition. This can lead to a host of serious health problems. Losing one or both of these senses can also leave victims vulnerable to depression and other mental disorders. We understand the tremendous pain inflicted on Zicam anosmia victims, and will do everything legally possible to make sure they receive the justice they deserve.

In June 2009, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) warned consumers not to use three Zicam products – Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel, Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs, and Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs, Kids Size – because of reports of anosmia in some users. At the same time, the FDA issued a warning letter to Matrixx Initiatives stating that the three Zicam products named in the alert could not be marketed without agency approval. The warning letter also stated that the products did not include adequate warnings about the risk of anosmia. Sadly, the victims of Zicam anosmia could have easily been spared their pain and suffering, as the association between Zicam nasal gels and swabs and the loss of smell and taste was well-known long before the FDA issued its alert. In fact, Matrixx Initiatives actually paid $12 million to settle a class action lawsuit in 2006 with hundreds of people who blamed Zicam for their inability to smell and taste. Yet even after the settlement, Matrixx Initiatives continued to market Zicam nasal swabs and gels as a safe remedy for the common cold.

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